Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rush out | Not only loosing talents

The rushing out euphoria...
This might feels familiar to you: "When one of your colleague --or friend at work, or peer manager, or even your director -- resign and move to other company with better position, then the heart beat of the organisation surround it would be temporarily in 'anxious' mode". It will be worst when it's not only one or two, it will feel more tense when it is a talent pool hijack, it will more breath taking when it's a structural rushing out.

People are silently reconsider, gossips are spreading, blackberry or cell phone become more valuable than key car waiting for another call or another news or even...another possible offer. Within these days, Human Resource Dept will be busy calculating the possible investment lost that they have done for several years.

The fact that one started this moment and usually to be followed by series of others is a logical phenomenon. Because when their work mate moved to better position and huge salary, those people who stay sometime reconsider their choices, then try their luck by sending CV's. Some of them get it, some of them not. Then rush out cycle happened...then after a period of anxiety...it will pass...become more calm... and everything is back to normal again....At least until somebody started the cycle again.

...is not only causing talents lost..but more..
During this HR Dept may days, not only the company loose their talents that they have been trying to manage and to invest, but also the euphoria effect during these period is a cancer to employees' commitment to stay. They think that if he/she can, why not I - they reconsider their choice to stay.

During these period then justifications are discussed, all the negatives of the company are become lunch break topic while they forgot what the positive things that company have done. The discussion enlarging when the people who already disappointed with the company take more role. Then in the end, in every mind....they are suspicious..that if they don't do it..than their friend might do it. It will get worst when it happened over and over.

This euphoria again, is a high stadium cancer, to employee loyalty and organization performance.

So, the company to blame?...not really...
Make no mistake, company with high rate of rushing out does not necessarily a bad company who did not recognize their talent. You can name best talent development company like Citibank (yes, they did manage good assets, MD for example), Astra (me! me!), or Danamon Bank. Yet, some of them are ironically the most potential company with the rushing out ratio, because of hijacking. One trainer told me when he give series strategic training to different banks in Indonesia he usually met the same person, means...those talent moved to one another.

The most hijacked company is perceived by the pirates/hijackers as a company with high quality talent, a good value and working culture, and a good people development program. The hijackers see that hijacking person from these company are off course cheaper than to train a new person for years to get the same competence, working culture and character.

Talents are hard to get, but when they are yours, then you can bet the performance and the future of the company with them. But don't forget...they are also still have option.

Then, why they go...
May be I am wrong, but I see that is because their character and competences are already developed enough, sufficient to get a higher position or bigger responsibility - but the talent competition within, or the rigid structure, or the development of the company does not provide enough challenge and opportunity for everyone to grow. So no body's mistake...it's how the life goes...always balancing.

Not all folks...
Well, Astra, in the other hand, are one of the company who always have good talents, good people development, good culture - yet, they can maintain most of their talent even until retirement. Are they paying big salary? hmmm..not really. So how they do it? Well again, if you are one of them -or formerly one of them- you will know how :-)

So, should 'you' go also? Well folks, not all those rushing out end happily ever after. That you are now lived in the well structured, caring and appreciating work environment may indulge you that out there offers the same. While actually, out there...when structure is less or even none...survival of the fittest will take role. If you don't survive...then you'll be a prey. Those people who left Astra for rest of their life may think Astra have the most convenient working experience. The feel of protected, secured...is indeed a basic human need.

Well, my dear colleague talents, then beware of the those pirates...they may offer gold...but if you meet someone like Captain Jack Sparrow...he will leave you for shark feed for his own benefit.


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