About Me

Hi readers and friends..

Welcome to my personal website. As I like to learn, explore and may be conclude something with my own words, I wrote these in hoping to tickle some other brain. Sometime you might agree with me, but mostly...probably not ;)

Currently I am working as Head of Business Development for  Renewable Energy business in an admirable Indonesian listed Group. I am  a balanced left and right brain, with acute logic but a bit out of the box thinking-means nerds who like arts :p.

I love music, photography, gaming, and good novels. I did write one novel unpublished, never dare to send it to publisher a.k.a lazy :-D

Writing is a passion and necessity. It's my way to photograph thoughts, since my brain never stop thinking like a turbulence. When you stop thinking about the universe surround you...doesn't it mean you are no longer live?

But then again, like the Joker says, "Why so seriouss?!?"
Never judge a person by his writings..

Mailme: imam.wi@gmail.com