This page should be fine to post few of my recent favorit own photography pictures. I am not a pro in this, and may never will. But learning is is not a crime.

Favorit #1 "Crystals of Silent"
Taken in Padang Sidempuan plantation in the morning walk using my pocket Canon PowerShot camera. It was a dew trapped in the forest spider web. I have been trying to duplicate this but yeah, it's a combined luck.

Favorit #2 "Lighthouse Island"
Taken in Lengkuas Island, Belitong. It was a trip with photography masters Mr.Eko, Mr.Tita, and my buddy Anton. Taken with Canon 500 D plain. It's a casual beach pictures yes, but a rare view of beach. It  just bring the nuances of the wonderful experience again when I relook this picture

Favorit #3 "A Nearly Last Moment"
Taken in land clearing area, Padang Sidempuan. It was only 2 meters distance when the snake alerted and preparing to attack. I was aiming my pocket camera with half feet ready to flee. Exciting adrenalin rush. Other people was calling my name to step backward, they already run away in the first time