Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Dream - New Thrill - Rebranding?

Never let go your Eureka...or apples..
In every moment of your life you will find a point when you are inspired by something. Either from a good book, meeting with someone admirable or even just after watching an X-Men movies. This point can be something -- for Mahatma Gandhi when he was pushed out from a train because of his skin, or Bill Gates when he admired Steve Job's invention in Macintosh--or for us, can be nothing. We sometime be inspired for one day,and just forget the other day, drowned in a routine task and job.

Well, let say I meet another tipping point. And at least I can do now is a make over of this blog. Reactivate, rejuvenate, reshape. Or what Chris Taylor special word is...REBRANDING.

So Voila, this is my new blog shape now. Shifted from green to dark years ago, when mafia games and dark novel dominates my leisure time; when I was put a stigma of myself as Illidan the betrayer, the man who sold his soul for greater good; when Lucifer lurked in my shadow. And now let just do it with white. Blow away the dark cloud. (what are you talking about, dudes, LoL)

...with a greater power, comes...
It just, when you heard that with a greater power comes a greater responsibility things, you might say, "yeah, I am not a superhero". But if you are a superhero, what kind of superhero are you?

Some say our favorit superhero is actually reflect what can we do or what we wanna be. An engineer may choose Iron Man, an wealthy young man may choose Batman, an ordinary and a bit nerd man may choose Spider Man. Scientist may opt for X-Men or Fantastic Four.

But we don't have to be a superhero to do something. We are, a super species. Each of us, have the power to change, to contribute, to inspire, to move, to put a butterfly in the universe. And whether the butterfly swings will become tornado later, let destiny decide, you can only try. let us put more butterflies...
I want to see this blog again putting so much butterfly in the universe. Ideas, inspiration, provocation, or just a fun reading, or even just a comment,"what the hell are this person talking about". Already passed 30000 visitors, if only 1% of them found a good things here, already that makes me happy.

So at least, while my mood are being good lately, I want to shift from dark to light. Started from this page, started from this blog. I want to learn to become a real Professional, like those I met these days in the real life. But, I want to do it if possible with a cool way, not the boring one :-)

Hope you like he new look. So if people type my name in the google, and this page is on top (yes, it is, try it), they don't get disappointed.


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