Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year 2011 | What's your mirror

Happy New Year Guys...!!
The common New Year notes is usually initiated by sentence like "when the last fireworks faded and cast darkness to the brewering midnight in the of birth of 2011.." or so. Well... may be I should not start any new opening, this is already cool enough. Let's just use that.

It is 2011! It is the year when 6 same digit in the ddmmyy calendar form will only happen once in thousand years (11 November 2011, dummy!). What's your point of view of 2011?

....1 year remaining before the Doom??
Well, it's the year the NASA said our Sun will lost control of his behaviour. It's the worst solar storm within thousands years caused by extreme flare in the Corona Mass Ejection. The activity of its Solar storm may distract the communication wave and satellite accross the globe. It is also 1 years count down to 2012 ;-)

It's also said as the escalating year of worst climate (well, our climate already worst). We see in 2010, the worst winter in northern europe and US. The snow storm and blizzard paralyzed a lot of cities there and the winter bite is freezing the human life. Also these last several years the worst summer ever. Climate change is "word of the year" for scientist and all the human who conscious.

...while Indonesia is boosting its growth!
In the other hand, Indonesia is developing into a new global economic icon. Indonesia is said as the new I in BRICI (Brazil Russia India China Indonesia), the icon of nations with most outstanding economic growth and projection despite the crisis in US and Europe.

...and fighting corruptions..
Despite the legendary battle between Cicak and Buaya, and world class mafia hitman Gayus Tambunan we also do hope Indonesia will find a way to solve the deep rooting corruption. As long as people of Indonesia open their eyes and shout out loud, we together can beat the devil inside. No matter what color they are, RED GREEN BLUE or YELLOW.

...and rejuvenate the nationalism...go Irfan Bachdim !!
Indonesian nationalisme have been also showing its distinct red color, in the epic of the national soccer team campaigne in AFF 2010 that withdrawed peoples supports national wide regardless race, religion, and ethnics. No comment for Nurdin Halid. Timnas is to die for. Right now I believe our neighbours will temporarily fear to mess with our teritory, at least until this 2011, if they don't want their country swarmed by red shirted citizen legion!

BP twitted : "Today we won, but we failed to be a champion. But more of it, we do hope we won the heart of Indonesian people". You guys did, awesome!


Politics, well its not my major. Laws and human rights, also not my major. Technology, hope they launch Ipod like Blackberry. Movies, can't wait to see Nicholas Flamel in the big screen and Harry Potter 7.2! (haha). Musics, hope Muse or Dream Theater rock Jakarta this year - and yeah also hope Ariel will be released soon. I want to hear their new album! Works, doh...I just want to get these things done!

At most, this year may be a bit frantic, yet enjoyable. It's up to you how to see it. But it just like Electra King said :

"What's the point of living, if you don't feel alive..?"