Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Speed of Trust

Do you trust me...??
Trust is intangible virtue. You may sense it, but it's all based on self perspectives that grows within experiences. You may right about measuring that sometime, but don't be fooled, a risk of false judgement might lurking in the shadow.

How would you measure how big the people trust in you. How would you detect that they really give you a trust, not just being polite or doing their interpersonal skills. An eye is a gate for everything, but still an eye have multiple layers. Within every layer a diversion might happen.

Well, what they said about trust...
I just like how Stephen Covey (Jr) wrap this virtue into his book : Leading at the Speed of Trust. I like it more when one of the best trainer in Indonesia cooked it and presented the book on the table as an inspiring Training experience. probably worth to you..
I really wish a particular man read that. Because sometime I think that a certain situation could only be solved optimally if only they would admit to let it done to one speed : my speed ;-). But that man just can't stop measure everything shall be legally risk free :p

...the simple model, yet concise...
I like the simple model of how a trust can be gained, on that book :
- The root, as in two simple word : Integrity and Intent
- The tree, as in Capability and Result

Integrity and Intent - an entity of Self Trust. That a man shall be synchronized between his mind, his word, and his act. Whew.

Capability and Result - an entity that how a potential could be executed into a bottom line result. The part when the actual reputation is built.

...sounds easy, but...
The second one is manageable. But the first. Hmm..where should my darkside plays. Nicholas will be bored as dead.

But in the end of the day, this speed of trust is the speed that we need. Somehow the training revive the ninetailed firefox within (watch Naruto please). Trust will accelerate everything, trust will break the defense mechanism, trust will enable you to maximize your capability and delivering result without any false prejudice of motivation.

Trust will break the multiple layer within peoples eye. Like a laser through a melted poly urethane.

Trust, is the speed I might need if I want to be a part of enlightment movement for this nation. Well, is "coming early in the morning" included in Integrity clauses? Ouch..

Let me try it, be patient. I really trying to do :p