Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Characters - Digitalized

Dude, I know what you did last summer...
In the world of rapid information exchange, a personal interest have become public interest. You may just post one whining on Facebook and suddenly they world knows you are in suffer. Some people take a good caution on their character, but you cannot mask what you really are.

People now realize they have to pay more attention of what they do, what they share. If any part of their life is digitalized, then just waiting the time that digital form somehow connected to an internet cable, or wireless fidelity or thousands of radio wave that now storming the earth with massive networks. And somehow they become public.

...you and the darkside, right...??
If you have darkside, better tell him to deal with only real life. Darkside never learn internet, they never learn information technology, dark side have no virtue against expert of telematics. If you could kill him, let him assured that's the best for you both. If not, tell your darkside stay away from any digitalizer monster.

Darkside is ancient threat. He never learn new technology.
So when your darkside in control...stay away from image or motion capturer.
Or he too..will become your digital character.

Careful dear Ariel ;-)