Sunday, April 18, 2010

Customer Loyalty (feedback to IM2)

Now, learn this...
Customer loyalty is a special attachment from customer to a product or service to consistently use or buy certain product/service because of trust, satisfaction, delighted in the previous consumption process.

Some company yield most of their income for this special preferences attachment. We can say a product like customer goods, banking, insurances, car maintenance, and telecomunication mostly have more than 50% of their income through this loyal customers. you should have done this...
For a well managed company with high awareness of how important customer loyalty is, their main strategy is to maintain this segment while doing expansion to get a new customer that aimed to be converted to a loyal one. Doing so will preserve their current market share and also increasing their market share in the sustainable way.

But for some company, they are so eager in expansion. To get more new customer as much as possible, without seeing the capability to maintained their old, loyal, and premium customer. Certain company do a massive marketing on getting new customer, offering the product/service without realizing this might reduce the quality of service received by their current customer.

...ok, you wanna now what I am talking about...?
I will point directly to telecommunication and broadband provider to be more precise. Their quantity of customer will correlate directly with quality received by each customer to certain quantity. This is because bandwidth is like a bus with certain passenger. When a premium bus carry passenger in numbers of their available seat, then all pasengger will be comfort sitting there, air condition work well, and the bus could go with optimum speed. They will use the same bus everyday.

But imagine if the driver knows they have only 30 seat, but still want to add up to 50 passenger. The bus will full, and all the passenger will feel uncomfort and probably decide another bus for another day. They had paid premium price but still get lousy service.

yeah...speaking of the devil...
I think you know what kind of service I am talking about. A lot of website or blog complaining about their service if you search their name in Google. Yes, I am using IM2. Massively marketed as broadband with 3,6 Mbps using UMTS/HSDPA technology. Ownly claimed as the best internet service provider in Indonesia. But what I have in the last two month is sometime only GPRS, or HSDPA with on/off connection with off rate nearly every minutes. Or only HSDPA in midnight when limited user is using the bandwidth.

IM2 should have said :
"Broadband up to 3,6 Mbps - when you are lucky"
"Broadband up to 3,6 Mbps - when everyone else is sleeping"
"Broadband up to 3,6 Mbps - special location only"

The problem is when doing purchase, it was said it is broadband, fast, and wide area of coverage. When I showed my location in Jatibening, they provide a satellite map that my location was fully provided with HSDPA. Seeing the bandwidth limitation I only took package with up to 384 Kbps unlimited, because that speed is actually enough. But like the bus in Tanah Abang, 30 satisfied passenger probably not enough. They keep adding customer without seeing that their capacity of service is already run out. Right now, in the last three month their service is very lousy.

..uhmm, whay don't you call them...?
Yes there is customer service to call, but what can they do? It's the "bus driver" who order to collect more passenger. I think their employee uses Kopaja or Metromini too much so they think "hey, if Kopaja and Metromini could be loaded with a lot of passenger why our company not finding customer as much as possible?".

But then again, I don't think so. They yield a lot of profit this year. Their employee should have high salary and bonus. Probably their employee never use Kopaja so they don't know how uncomfortable a bus with overloaded passenger. They take their profit too much, while it should be given back to paying customer as a good service.

See..shame on them...
It's a shame a big company like them does not understand about maintaining loyal customer is more important then getting a new one. I know a lot of you will advise to change provider, and a lot of people already did. But doing so will not give lesson to them because they probably think they will get a lot of new customer anyway, those will be substitute those who left. Just wait until all candidates of new customer hear about bad image of IM2 service.

I am not ruining, I am helping you...
So Voila, here is my feedback for all broadband providers. To all of you who use IM2 feel free to comment, probably they will here us, probably not. Just like Kopaja or Metromini, you can't do anything for that. Take it, or leave it.

To other company who provide services, just remember this thing :
A customer loyalty shall be maintained, they are not just there for granted

P.S : if you have facebook, search for petition to broadband provider to provide real broadband as advertised. Soon will be launched :-)


  1. Bravo,
    Hit them hit them
    =)) =)) =))

  2. I would not put my corporate brand or image at risk just to get more customers.

  3. so i typed in to check my up/down speed on my thomson tg782t and i'm currently getting
    1020 up, 15,708 down.
    I've rang bigpond several times, and all they do is change the line configuration and plan, instead of these numbers, can anyone explain to me what i can say and explain how the speed is only 15,709 kbits instead of 24000....
    Thank you
    Please Don't say my Connection is fast because it's not 24mbits LIKE I PAY FOR

  4. It may be the video streaming online source that is slowing you down, not your Internet connection. This can happen if the site has lots of ads, images, and other stuff on it that loads at the same time as the video.

  5. Customer have to come as first ;-)

  6. Customer loyalty certainly comes from customers who have experience with the product or service. For example, research has shown that a customer who is completely satisfied with a product or service is four times more likely to return than a customer who is somewhat satisfied.

    Satisfied customers come back over and over because they have found a product that meets and exceeds their expectations. Why risk trying something else, even though the other product may be better, it also may be worse.

  7. @Corporate Branding :
    That's absolutely true. Market share sustainability is really depends on loyal customer.

    @Expat medical insurance :
    Couldn't explain more than yours

  8. Thank you for your

  9. thanks for all the information may be useful for us all

  10. I use IM2. Its works well... Thanks.

  11. thanks for the info and explanation provided