Sunday, May 24, 2009

God allows U Turn, let's hope

So many times in life we meet another cross roads. While probability always cover what lies in our destiny, we usually use so many resource of thinking to make sure that we will take the right path. So many times we face a hard decision, especially when the risk of wrong path would be unbearable. And so many times we finally hesitate to change, rather than using our judgement we prefer to just go straight.

We hesitate to take a turn, we hesitate to take alternative, we hesitate to decide. Rather than facing regret, we love the status quo by just go straight and keep our driving wheel unchanged. And then we could blame destiny if straight way is finally a dead end, and say it's a good decision if it is finally a field of glory.

For me, I will just take where my heart say. Left or right, anywhere my heart desire.
Shall we just believe that God also allows a "U Turn"? Like it or not, we will meet another cross road anyway.


  1. salam
    The most important thing is, we never hesitate to choose the right things or the good path in life. Hear your deepest heart *haiyah afwan klo suka sotoy :)

  2. Kalo yang tulisan cetak miring kamu tulis 'for me' refer ke pandangan kamu, trus yang tulisan biasa diatasnya yang banyak hesitate nya itu pandangan siapa, mam?

    Ato km berandai - andai? Hihihi

  3. rarely you stab sharply :-p

    I faced the crossroad and I chose, but I also hesitated..
    So, who's who Ca?

    Pandangan orang yang merasakan hal yang sama Ca, mungkin...

  4. hehe... mungkin karena itu post ini masuk kategori 'silent conversation' ( talking with another voice in your head ma? )-singlish...selalu isi 'ma' dibelakang kalimat kalo bertanya-