Sunday, June 14, 2009

As long as you walk long enough

I see you found your own offshore. Like Alice in the Wonderland, or even in any Island, any direction will take you there, as long as you walk long enough. There is no Island without border, there is no continent without seashore, even if you live in the middle of Australia and you walk to the West or East, or North or South; if you walk straight long enough you will find your sea.

It may take days or months, but I promised you that you will find it. Have I told you that dear, too many times?


  1. *titip pesan mode*
    Dont surrender, and make sure, s(he) will find it. Amin :D

  2. @nenyok : yes, I believe he will...
    @rental_mobil : nice advertising :-p

  3. mam kpn hari km nanya singlish . cb tonton ini...