Sunday, May 31, 2009

Empty Seat | Please mind waiting

A man walk in to a restaurant and he just see all the seat was empty. As a normal he just take a seat and start to read the menu. A sudden he realized that his seat was reserved, and he move to look around to see all table was named the same. He walks around to find one, but nothing is open as he see all reserved. But he just can't find any sign of table manner, not a tick of spoon, not a slick of slurps. So he just stand there, waiting.


  1. hahaha... kadang kalo di sini dikasih reserve2 gitu belum tentu memang ada orang nya... kadang itu untuk menghindari pengunjung duduk semaunya dimana aja... misalnya dateng cuma berdua, duduknya ditempat yang bisa nampung 4 orang..

    jadi kesimpulannya ya memang harus nunggu hihihi...

  2. Hihihi, you right
    But actually, this is not only about restaurant
    You may find the meaning something beyond

  3. Aku suka sunyi..amat sangat :D